• Strong with fertility education
    Strong with fertility education
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    “By all we know now, we have left down several generations of women.” says Denisa Priadková, Founder of the global network in-fertility. “They have been led to believe all they needed to know about their fertility was contraception, use of condoms, how to avoid STD and unwanted pregnancy. That was their fertility education. Three decades…

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  • Summer fertility risks
    Summer fertility risks
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    In our summer blogs in-fertility often directs your attention to why this time of the year poses so much risk to female reproductive health. It shows it is not just the infection risk lurking in a variety of pools, lakes and rivers, coming hand in hand with dehydration. You might feel dizzy and lightheaded, however,…

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  • It’s bubbles day too
    It’s bubbles day too
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    “Never bigger than a soap bubble,” remembers Sasha her child. A tall woman with velvet kindness in her voice in her late thirties, with so many strange feelings, memories and emotions today.  Every time she miscarried, always way too soon after having a BFP, she was assured she would get pregnant again and has heard…

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  • Protect your child’s fertility
    Protect your child’s fertility
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    We love them. We care. We believe that before puberty, we don’t have to protect their fertility and have time to take care. Well, we don’t. As a mother, grandmother, or older sister you should know that there’s #fragilityinfertility. This year’s keynote lecture at #ESHRE delivered a concerning message that endocrine-disrupting chemicals found in everyday…

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  • Make the burden lighter
    Make the burden lighter
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    There seems to be an abyss of misunderstanding between those, who conceive naturally, often without plan or wanting and those who struggle for years and endure endless painful and expensive procedures to become parents. Friends stop seeing each other, others suffer at work seeing someone else being pregnant and happy about it. The social media…

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  • Embryo smuggling
    Embryo smuggling
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    Do we need regulation and more control in assisted reproduction? Sure. Nobody wants to start their family history with embryos of dubious origin being smuggled across borders. What are the chances of accessing the biological parents in case of need and are their rights and health protected? These are the questions we are asking #inthefertility…

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