Summer fertility risks

Summer fertility risks

Summer fertility risks

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In our summer blogs in-fertility often directs your attention to why this time of the year poses so much risk to female reproductive health. It shows it is not just the infection risk lurking in a variety of pools, lakes and rivers, coming hand in hand with dehydration. You might feel dizzy and lightheaded, however, it is important to know that the lack of water in a female body influences many processes related to the monthly cycle and reproductive health. So stay hydrated and safe. Yes, from all types of summer accidents.

When speaking of fertility protection, we did not know how dangerously close we were. The latests accident proves it. 25-year-old Toni Steedman from the UK will not forget the present from her husband for a long time. She got her birthday holiday in the Canary Islands, where she wanted to experience a little adrenaline at the Costa Adeje water park on Tenerife and tried a slide. “It all went very fast,” Toni says, “and when I when I hit the water at the bottom I felt something just burst inside me. When I stood up I felt as though I needed the toilet but as I moved blood started pouring from between my legs.”

Toni says that no one instructed her before the slide and had no idea she should cross her legs over each other. Since she hadn’t, a stream of water ripped her uterus through her swimsuit. She lost nearly lost six pints of blood and needed three blood transfusions after it happened in Tenerife. Naturally, she was afraid she would die and never see her two children again. All that remains is to say that she can be happy to have them. After transfusions, surgery and eight weeks of rehab, Toni is out of the worst, but she would like to forget this risky experience as soon as possible. She was able to return to the UK using a wheelchair, but said her insurance company did not pay up because she hadn’t informed them she was going away.

Well, the summer is not an easy time for many of us or the reproductive health. So be careful, because you can buy new swimwear at any time, but not the content of it.

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