Woman dies after IVF, two are in coma

Woman dies after IVF, two are in coma

Woman dies after IVF, two are in coma

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One woman is dead and two others are in a coma after IVF treatment in Baden, Austria this week, as Salzburg24 reported. The woman died on Friday, June 5, in one of the Vienna clinics, after being admitted there with issues, probably related to general anesthesia during IVF treatment she underwent on Wednesday, June 3.

Both other women, who are now fighting for their lives in other Vienna hospitals were treated on the same day in the same IVF clinic, released, sent home, where massive cardiovascular problems appeared and they have collapsed. The negligence homicide investigation of the tragic outcome of patients between 30 and 40 years of age has only begun, the autopsy results of one of the patients will be available at the end of next week, but the first line of investigation focuses on the possibility of wrong medication dosage or surgery instruments being not properly cleaned.

The couples undergoing IVF are often ensured that this is a simple and safe routine treatment and there’s nothing to worry about. The language of the statistic is, however, different. Hyperstimulation syndrome OHSS or bleeding, depression, pain as well as complications related to advanced age pregnancy hand in hand with neonatal complications of multiple pregnancies are well known both among doctors and patients, who are well educated about IVF risks. Assisted reproduction is an invasive treatment with possible complications, just as any other surgery and the usage of hormones and other medication with impact on hormonal levels and processes in the body is making things even more complex. This is why control mechanisms and investigation of each such fatal case or IVF blunder are of absolute importance.

The Baden clinic statement does, under these circumstances, sound rather worrying as it says all procedures and actions were carried out properly and absolutely correct. Well, that leaves many women, who are about to undergo treatment absolutely shocked and anxious. #inthefertility will follow the tragic case development closely. 

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