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Roadmap in-fertility

Roadmap in-fertility

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Many questions, worries and problems in fertility are unanswered and unaddressed, simply because fertility issues are symptoms of an entire range of medical conditions, age, partner’s health, compatibility and knowledge of the feminine cycle, nutrition, hygiene and habits. Too complicated? No, not really if you have a Roadmap in-fertility.

Roadmap in-fertility is a unique project created by in-fertility network not only for the people with difficulties conceiving or those already diagnosed with subfertility, infertility and treated. It is for anyone over the age of 20 considering having a family in the future, healthy, with no obvious problems, or those anticipating difficulties due to similar occurrences in the family, partner’s family, etc.

The tool of interconnected symptoms/diagnoses, specializations and diagnostic options and treatments is also designed to be a widely used tool for students, especially in healthcare areas, media and various international organizations missing or misinterpreting data on reproduction and fertility, politicians, giving them a chance to understand dramatic fertility decline in all developed countries. It is designed to assist family members as well as all the other medical specializations and new professions focusing on fertility, such as nutritionists, fertility coaches, therapists, etc.

Roadmap in-fertility is a sophisticated overview of
● symptoms/test results and values
● diagnoses/conditions
● specialists/specializations

The number of currently involved specialisation is almost 4O from over 20 countries and the both the diagnoses and list of specialisatin shall finalised in February-March 2021. Right now is the time to nominate a specialist.

If you know anyone exceptional from any of the fields listed below or someone specially dedicated to #fertility #subfertility or #infertility, let us know. E-mail us her/his name, specialisation, country and city. You can also put it in the comment or direct message us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. In case you know the e-mail, phone number or any other contact of the person, you save #inthefertility a lot of work. Each field is going to require two to three ambassadors for major specializations such as gynecology, andrology, genetics, etc and two for all the other specializations, so please, keep on nominating. The nominations shall be closed the first week of March so there is plenty of time to ask around.

Gynecology ● Andrology ● Urology ● Sexuology ● Embryology ● Venereology ● Genetics ● Psychology ● Psychiatry ● Endocrinology ● Physical therapy ● Allergology ● Stomatology/Dentistry ● Surgery ● Oncology ● Acupuncture ● Nutrition ● Gastroenterology ● Immunology ● Radiology ● Angiology ● Naturopathy ● Hematology ● Neurology ● GP ● Internal medicine ● Otorhinolaryngology ● Orthopedics ● Infectiology ● Diabetology ● Neonatology ● Epidemiology ● Pharmacology ● Microbiology ● Rheumatology ● Nephrology

Ambassadors and Supporters

You can decide to become either an ambassador or a supporter of the Roadmap in-fertility. To become the ambassador of the project is having the privilege to represent one of the above (or one which might be added) listed specializations dealing with symptoms and diagnoses related to both male and female fertility, subfertility and/or infertility. To become the Supporter is equally important as you will be assisting in drawing attention to prevention #inthefertility. Roadmpap in-fertility highlights the health issues related for both people, who consider conceiving baby imminently as well as those considering to become parents in the future.

The bonus of Roadmap in-fertility is the fact it will highlight the best and most advanced experts, clinics, companies or labs and the achievements of particular countries in fertility.

We hope you will join our dedicated team. If you wish to know more, just let us know, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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