IVF restart despite COVID-19 pandemic

IVF restart despite COVID-19 pandemic

IVF restart despite COVID-19 pandemic

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On April 6, Dr John Kennedy, Group Medical Director of Sims IVFA, leading fertility specialist from Ireland has said it was unlikely that IVF treatments would resume in Ireland before June. Some of the clinics, focusing on foreign clients, such as those in the Czech Republic or Spain presumed their doors will be closed and the IVF restart will not be happening until the end of the year and perhaps even longer.

However, as #inthefertility has learned from the website of the Dansk Fertilitetsklinik, Denmark or at least some of the clinics have reopened for domestic patients and restarted fertility treatments: “Waiting rooms have been re-designed only to have few patients with 2 m distance, most patients entering the clinic will be sent to the treatment room immediately. That means the number of patients per hour in the clinic has to be adjusted appropriately. We have removed all magazines, papers, toys, etc. in the waiting room and put up hand sanitizer. On the door to the clinic a poster explaining safe behavior has been put up along with a note telling patients not to enter if they have symptoms, but contact the clinic by phone.”

IVF restart was also reported to us from Western Australia! The clinics are updating their websites and social media to let patients know. in-fertility network immediately addressed ESHRE, the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, which issued the initial decision to stop treatment on 15 March. Will inform you as soon as we hear their important opinion.

All other information on COVID-19 and pregnancy, international recommendations, effects on male fertility, can be found in our in-fertility free brochure. We are updating it during the weekend so if you have any questions, let us know. We have also added a new section and there are also new results on Covid-19 positively tested newborns and sadly also information on early miscarriages.

Hoping the situation will be back to normal soon and that there are many things we have learned that are beneficial for the health of everyone, not just potential parents. As people with fertility problems know for a long time: “We did not ask for this, but it is going to make us stronger”.

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