Truth does matter

Truth does matter

Truth does matter

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For some people truth “doesn’t matter”. In most cases those, who say it, believe it is better to hide it. Why? Some profit from misleading other, from lying, some believe, we are not able to handle the truth. We in-fertility believe, both reasons are wrong and it is important to know the truth. That people are making much better informed choices #inthefertility when they are knowing it.


There are many stakeholders #inthefertility. Doctors (not two are the same), pharmaceutical companies (with the logical and legitimate goal to sell their drug and not the other one, claiming to have the same effect or composition), clinics (how to get more patients and offer more attractive treatments) and others, such as charlatans (selling “pregnancy in drops”) and patient organisations, who seem to enjoy more patients and prefer some of the treatments, #inthefertility. Mostly the more expensive ones. Well, honestly, the most expensive ones.


in-fertility network team believes, it is important to get as close to the truth as possible. That we should not speak of donors, where both sides of the deal are paying (perhaps one heaps more), that we should not use statistics in order to cover up the reality, whether in how many treatments are successful or why we – especially in the developed countries – have less children and we (not you, the statistic average woman) leave it to later and later. We believe truth matters in when and how we speak (and willingly misguide the respondent) about fertility, subfertility or infertility. It matters in knowing what is your natural reproductive age and when you are simply too old to be naturally pregnant, whereby the pregnancy constitutes huge risks to both you and the potential child of yours. Your child.


Last, but not least, we are 100% positive, we have to look for the true reasons, why the hashtag #fertilityprotection was used ten times before we decided to build a campaign around it and the one on infertility was used over half a million times.
Because, the truth does matter.
If you think you would like to support one of our activities or campaigns, please, see how and let us know. We will be happy to hear from you. We really will.

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