UN Resolution in-fertility

UN Resolution in-fertility

UN Resolution in-fertility

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in-fertility issues affect you, the developed countries in general and Europe in particular. Fertility rates are on constant decline since 1961 and the number of fertility treatments is on the rise. Since the 70’s the women were taught how not to get pregnant, however, now it’s ‘the time to teach them the opposite. Support in-fertility’s initiative for an UN resolution in-fertility. We need to protect fertility the best we can. It is not just the fertility. It is our family and our future.

In January 2017 we have started the long and exciting journey to contact several governments, Ministries of Health and visited the UN premises in New York, where we have spoken with the representative of the Mission of the founding country of in-fertility.

Currently we are working on particular steps, recommendations and guidelines for amendments and simple measurable actions, which will make all the difference #inthefertility.

You are welcome to join. Just drop us a line and we will let you know what you can do.

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