Stories in-fertility #storiesinthefertility

Stories in-fertility #storiesinthefertility

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Stories in-fertility

Stories are the best way to convey messages, the most powerful tool to make people listen and the best way of giving hope. Especially in-fertility, where people often remain silent or on their own. We know that ever since in-fertility network founders started collecting the #storiesinthefertility.

Pictures, illustrations, a handprint or photograph of an ultrasound or the BFP, smile of a baby or it’s tiny little foot in father’s hand with a couple of lines are so strong, so emotional, so positive and full of ways how to build a family that you simply have to read them. We always wished to give these Stories in-fertility a home. A place where everyone can find them. Now it becomes a reality. And more. Among the #storiesinthefertility you will be able to search for a story from your own country and according to issues or a diagnose you are facing.

Whatever obstacle there was or is in your trying to conceive and have a child, your story can help. More than you ever thought it could. Just a few words with a little explanation on how, how long and what you went through or feel right now can change someone else’s world. Their dreams and plans. Their treatment. Their family and future. Share your Story in-fertility with us. It is the best thing you can do.

How do you submit your Story in-fertility?

Send us your story and picture to The story can have up to 600 characters (including spaces), needs your signature (first names, monograms or nicknames), city and country. Finally, selection of type of fertility issue/diagnose, such as PCOS, unexplained infertility or male subfertility, blocked tubes, immunity issues, etc. Please, don’t make your story shorter than 450 characters, people really love knowing how you felt, how long you were TTC or what gave you the strength and a photograph you wish to share.

The below story from Germany can inspire you. It also shows the best way is to send it in your native language and include the English translation.
My wife Monika went through all possible investigations for three years until her new doctor suggested to test my sperm. Nobody in our family I know had any problem so I have to say I was devastated to get the news I hardly had any “useful” sperm. We have tried for another year with the help of three inseminations IUI and I guess we were lucky as the third attempt worked and we are now proud parents of our twins Daniel and Gabi. Next year they will go to school. We just regret we were not told earlier it is not the woman who should see the doctor first.
Signature: Iwan and Monika
City: Berlin
Country: Germany
Diagnose/Treatment: MS, IUI (Male subfertility, Intrauterine Insemination)

As for the diagnose and treatment, you can just write what characterises your Story and we will select the proper abbreviation and make sure people going through similar issues will find it. Some of the Stories in-fertility can (not a condition) have two categories, such as IVF, IUI, Fo2 (family of two), AD (adoption), NC (natural conception), FC (Fertility Coach) for finer search optimisation.

Your picture should be at least 2000 x 1850 pixels (width x height) at a 300 dpi resolution. Please, remember, authentic family pictures are the most valuable ones and attract the most attention. However, if you wish to remain private, you can always take them from back or use small details or something memorable for your story.

The Stories in-fertility are more powerful than you might think. They are often used as facebook profile pictures, postcards and shared in groups and patient organisations. Everywhere they are providing hope, education, motivation and positive energy. What else could one wish for? More #storiesinthefertility maybe?

Find more information and #storiesinthefertility at in-fertility fb page.


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