FerTeen – the #fertilityeducation project you were waiting for

FerTeen – the #fertilityeducation project you were waiting for

FerTeen – the #fertilityeducation project you were waiting for

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Fertility education is key. Part of our in-fertility team is very successfully lecturing within the FerTeen project on secondary schools, especially those focused on healthcare, for the last 36 months. The first year we have tested our questionnaires #inthefertility, prepared by adolescence gynaecologists, pedagogues, psychologists and paediatricians. We have also created a curriculum for one and two hour lectures on #fertilityprotection. All the results show it is vital to include both girls and boys in the education process, include practical exercises and data as well as pedagogues teaching biology, social sciences, family education and any other relevant subject.

The content and achievements of the FerTeen project, such as its measurable outcome, their knowledge and situation in several countries are currently being reviewed by relevant organisations and translated into languages of countries. We are happy to see huge interest in the unique practical project so needed in times with fertility rates being the lowest ever, especially in developed countries. So far, the responses of teachers, pupils, their parents and doctors to FerTeen are amazingly positive as nothing like this has even been lectured before.

Thousands of questionnaires have already been evaluated and the results data show the sooner in-fertility will make the project available online in multiple languages the better. FerTeen is very different from any currently existing education focusing primarily on STD and unwanted pregnancy prevention or basic information about menstrual cycle, unfortunately also carried out without use of the latest scientific knowledge on both male and female fertility, its time span, fragility, risks and limits.

Whether it is future nurses and healthcare personnel or your 17-year old daughter who might think that a woman is naturally fertile until the age of 53, the information FerTeen provides in a very lively, attractive and useful form is vital for the generation of our teenagers and not surprisingly also for their parents and teachers. That is why in-fertility has launched this unique project for the 16 to 18-years old with great success and huge support from gynaecologists and schools.

We believe in Fertility education. FerTeen project, its curriculum and questionnaire are now ready to be adjusted for several more countries, including instruction materials, posters, roll-ups and different questionnaires. Do you believe that #fertilityeducation is important? Are you missing it in your country? Get in touch and we can work together. We will tell you how.

Your involvement, support, questions and co-operation are essential. You can become a game changer in your country too. Check our social media, Facebook or Instagram. Become a #fertilityambassador today.

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