FerTeen #weteachfertility

FerTeen  #weteachfertility

FerTeen #weteachfertility

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Fertility education is key. Always was for us #inthefertility. The Founder, Denisa Priadková, started the quest for the best ways, methods and tools of a global fertility education campaign back in 2006. After years of preparation of the FerTeen project, she successfully started lecturing at secondary schools in Slovakia, especially those focused on healthcare, educating future nurses.

The enormous success of FerTeen spread from Slovakia to the neighbouring Czech Republic and attracted the attention of adolescence gynaecologists, pedagogues, psychologists and paediatricians. Together, they have prepared and tested the FerTeen Questionnaire and created a curriculum for one and two hour lectures on #fertility and launched the hashtag #fertilityprotection. The data collected from over 4,000 students showed it was vital to include both girls and boys in the education process, include practical exercises and an interactive approach. It also created an incredible data pool of knowledge, or rather lack thereof, of current teenagers in the developed countries on over 20 aspects of reproductive health.

In the second stage of FerTeen, in-fertility network invited biology, social sciences, family education and other relevant subject teachers to look into what is currently taught and why even the important information included in the curriculum or special classes, is not working. Not remembered. In the course of the last 6 years in-fertility team has evaluated over 70 national campaigns, projects, websites, private and state initiatives and the result is the best possible tool, which can be and currently is, adjusted for the FerTeen Pilot Project in several countries.

Some of many advantages of the FerTeen project is a measurable outcome, support of professionals and schools across many countries as well as facilitation of medical literacy, which showed vital during the Covid pandemic. in-fertility network is honoured and happy to see huge interest in the unique fertility education tool desperately needed in times with fertility rates being the lowest ever and falling, especially in developed countries.

The responses of teachers, pupils, their parents and doctors to FerTeen are amazingly positive as nothing like this has even been lectured and done before. FerTeen is very different from any existing education focusing primarily on STD, unwanted pregnancy or basic information about menstrual cycle.

We are now entering the third stage of the FerTeen. The Questionnaire, Fertility Quiz and other education materials are being translated into Spanish, German, Greek, Polish, Czech and French and other languages. Our international team and volunteers are preparing the launch of FerTeen Pilot Project in 10 European countries.

Is it possible that a future nurse in the last grade believes that a woman is naturally fertile until the age of 53? What do others 17-year old believe? What are the answers they do not find online? What are the topics they don’t discuss even with their best friends?

FerTeen provides knowledge, vital for teenagers, in a unique, interactive, and innovative way. It is also attractive for their parents and teachers.

Another huge advancement, apart from a brand new website, is the TikTok Challenge, which will be launched this year. Young professionals, nurses and doulas, researches and students, all related to fertility will be providing teens and schools with a competitive tool to remove the most dangerous myths and spark the interest in how the bodies work and what puts fertility at risk and causes natality shrink in an unprecedented way.

If you are between 18 to 28 years of age and wish to be one of the FerTeen Ambassadors, just let us know and we will let you know how you can be an amazing wheel in the clockwork of change in global fertility education. Social media can be successfully used in improving the life and future of our children.

There are numerous ways you can support the FerTeen Pilot Project in your country. In case you are already active in the field of education or simply believe the current knowledge focused on how not to get pregnant instead of the whole picture of fertility in time, let us know, our growing network in-fertility will be happy to tailor fit it for you. 


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