3 signs of ovulation

3 signs of ovulation

3 signs of ovulation

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Recognising the signs of ovulation, the release of a mature egg from one of the ovaries, which in case your reproductive health is ok happens every month — is key when you’re trying to get pregnant. That’s because you can only conceive around the time of ovulation. That is why we #inthefertility have asked hundreds of women, if they know the signs of their fertile period. It shall not be a surprise, it was almost impossible to find a women, even those trying to conceive or already in the treatment for fertility issues, who could name three. Ok, as #WeTeachFertility, we will provide you with both lists, those, you might have guessed or noticed and those surprising ones you perhaps had no idea were associated with your ovulation.

In about the middle of your cycle you may notice light cramps, changes to your cervical mucus and body temperature (BBT your basal body temperature). Another common symptom is breast tenderness and labia swelling, a libido boost and mood changes as well as bloating and fluid retention. One of the less known is heightened sense of smell, which also happens to be sharper for some women during pregnancy. Which three will you remember or experience almost every month?

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