Fertility treatment

Fertility treatment

Fertility treatment

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No, fertility treatment is not going to an IVF clinic.

While IVF today is offering a range of standard procedures, it not a standard procedure to have IVF if you are failing to conceive. 90% of fertility problems can be fixed with medication and much simpler, less risky and less expensive procedures.

The most important thing is your reproductive system. Your cycle, ovulation and hormones. In case they are out of balance or in short supply, there is a range of substances your doctor can prescribe in order to get your reproductive system, thus your health, back on track. Good news from in-fertility: this might be helpful even in cases the cause of you not getting pregnant is not know and called unexplained.

The same applies to your partner. Sure you want to know what is the problem causing his sperm not to go the right direction or being too slow, malformed or non existing in some cases.

Sometimes, the sperm just needs a little help getting to your egg, which can be done in a quick and painless treatment called IUI Intrauterine insemination. During IUI a sample of concentrated sperm is placed directly in your uterus at the proper time. Medication? Yes, if your ovulation needs some support or none, in case your tests show you are ok. This is the beginning of your fertility journey and get ready for much more exciting news.

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