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When you are trying to conceive and things go not exactly as fast and easy as you thought their would, there is a world of opportunities ahead. You can strengthen your relationship with your partner, learn a lot about your body and health, meet many interesting new people and travel places, but now, with in-fertility you can also win!”

The main goal of in-fertility is to empower you with more up-to-date and accurate information, more to learn. However, we also need you to share your point of view, your story or your questions. Every month some of them are awarded beautiful presents from our partners, all of which are working in the area of fertility, pregnancy or treatment of subfertility or infertility.

We are looking forward to stories about your pregnancy. How long did it take to become a mother, what treatments did you have to undergo and the most important, what’s your message for the others trying to conceive?

One the our most important projects is hope-in-fertility, the sharing of stories of hope, endurance, treatments and the pictures of an incredible variety of ways you are building families. Most of them are with children, some of them are stories of victory of love over trying. Yes, sure you are curious, so you can have a look into the hope-in-fertility here.

Send us your short story with picture (you can remain fully anonymous of course) and become the important source of hope-in-fertility yourself. Whether is is PCOS, endometriosis, quality of sperm or missing tubes, your message is the most powerful tool for others, that are struggling and TTC right now.

One of your stories (up to 600 characters with picture), e-mailed to us to by the end of November 2016 will be awarded with a baby care product from Weleda, the well known brand of products, which are made in harmony with nature and the human being since 1921.

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