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All you wish for is the loving closeness of the one you want to have a baby with, then the good news or smiley face on the pregnancy test. Also the desire that this should be in private, just between the two of you.

While this does work for many, here at in-fertility, experience tells us that there are a number of things you should have a look at 12 to 18 months before trying. You should focus on healthy choices for at least three months, as that’s how long his sperm needs to grow anew.

The cogwheel of human fertility is very fragile and not many people know that. One of the cogs gets stuck and there you are, checking the ticking clock of you both. We used to dislike turning to Google for advice for those trying to conceive, as it seemed you would end up with a hamper full of zinc and B12 and vitamin D and pills and teas, gels and meditation…

Actually not all of them are useless. But which ones are useful and for whom? What is it you can do yourself and how do you know when is it time to seek medical help and from which doctor? We have prepared a set of questions to look at and a set of answers clinical studies have confirmed. Naturally, they are not for everyone, as you two are very special. As special as your love, your chemistry and that reproductive clock of yours.

Trying at home is fine, but make sure you do it at the right time. Good quality sperm and ovulation in place do not make the magic 300 days of the year, the remaining 65 are the ones you are aiming at. Get a reliable ovulation test and try to track the 5 days before it and the actual day of ovulation.
Have you ever seen the joy some children have using their first microscope? Well, it is fun discovering the adult version of playing doctors when you get his sperm tested with a home sperm kit.
If your ovulation and sperm seem to moving in the right direction, speak to your GP. Go through your medical records and share with him what you are planning. Speed up when you are over 30 and hurry in case you are over 35. Get an AMH test and check if the list below rings any bells.

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