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Join in-fertility today

Join in-fertility today

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We are a professional network of individuals, activists, associations, bloggers, therapists, doctors, nurses and other professionals involved in-fertility from many countries and you can join us. We work together on education campaigns, projects and initiatives that make a change, such as Guide in-fertilityFerTeen, or Stories in-fertility and Roadmap in-fertility.

At the beginning of 2016 we were a group of seven volunteers, but now we are growing like a healthy baby should. We have Partners, Volunteers, in-fertility Country Units, Sponsors and Supporters in over 20 countries and we keep adding to the list almost every week.

Who are we?

In order to provide all sorts of knowledge our specialisations range from medical expertise to journalism, from scientific to IT and from ethical to legal. Many of us work with couples trying to conceive on a daily basis and many are from patient and customer organisations, clinics, hospitals, they are therapists, coaches, psychologists, former patients, donors, well it is almost a never ending list, which makes working for in-fertility both adventure and fun. However, with huge responsibility toward those, who rely on information from in-fertility.

One of many benefits of joining in-fertility is to have access to this unique group of people and their views and knowledge.

When to join? If you are interested in-fertility and improving the situation from any point of view. In your country or internationally. If you think you could help spread reliable and accurate information in your environment. If you have or do something, couples trying to conceive should know about. If you have three hours each trimester and you want to make a change in-fertility.

Simply write an email to entitled join and we will send you more information on the most suitable co-operation option for you or your organisation.

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