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For ages it was “the Eve” who was expected to expect… It was the woman who did or did not get pregnant. Despite the very true fact: “it takes two”, the man was only expected to cope with the facts… So different to today. Not only do we know quite a lot about sperm, we now know much more about how to fix “the problem”. However, the most important fact is, to identify it.

The reason your sperm is not “the normal” count, shape or is moving in a different way, could tell a story about another important part of your body. You can be sure your loving other half, who wants to have your child – and a healthy future for the family with you – wants to know too.

You have to be aware that your sperm grows for about 72 days. Many men actually think it is only a day or two. The importance of this information lies with the fact it needs almost 3 months until you grow a new “batch”. So if you have been ill, taking antibiotics or having a very stressful time, this will destroy the quality of your sperm in a similar way a poison would do. This is also the reason to check twice before you call the results relevant information.

Similar to women, problems seem to accumulate as you get older. We just hope you want to know more, as this concerns both your health, as well as the health of your future child.

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