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Fertility is in. And we are in-fertility.

A network of individuals, activists, associations, bloggers, therapists, doctors, nurses and other professionals from many countries. We work together to do exactly what needs to be done in-fertility. Campaigns, projects and initiatives that will make a change, such as Stories in-fertility, FerTeen, Guide in-fertility or Roadmap in-fertility.

For generations we have taught teenagers how to avoid getting pregnant, or catching STDs. We have informed them that they should always plan a pregnancy, which actually means postponing and avoiding, so in essence not really planning.

Times have changed. Today women are trying to have a baby too late, and know too little about the whole process. We – in-fertility – are very passionate about changing this to avoid the ensuing heartache this causes. We are gathering together the most interesting and helpful information on reproductive health. For instance everything about eggs and sperm, what makes them thrive or harms them. in-fertility provides information that is accurate, up-to-date and reliable.That surely is amazing for an online source!

We know this is a serious subject, but we will also add a dash of light-hearted humour, which is known to lessen anxiety and promote assimilation of information.

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