Conquer the beast – the yeast!

Conquer the beast – the yeast!

Conquer the beast – the yeast!

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No one wants it and still most of us women do encounter it, so what are the very basic facts, we should know about yeast infections and how to avoid it? It is, or should be known that woman has a biologically higher risk of infection during intercourse compared to a man. It is because the surface area of the vagina is far greater than the surface area of the penis and so is the size of its more vulnerable part, the mucous membrane.

Although there are many factors influencing the facilitation and growth of Candida, surprisingly, recent antibiotic use, type of underwear worn, menstrual habits, and use of feminine hygiene products has little or no effect on its development. These findings were presented by female researchers from Southern California and published in the Epidemiology. The high risk factors are participation in oral sex, whereby saliva can also cause other types of irritation and use of oral contraceptives and spermicides.

Having been diagnosed with a yeast infection within the past year almost quadrupled the risk because changes in the vaginal microenvironment result in increased susceptibility, which means you should be more careful with sexual behaviour, hygiene and nutrition.

One of the most critical factors in-fertility network wishes to raise awareness about is being young. If you are under 24 years of age, your chances to end up with itching, burning, soreness and unpleasant discharge due to yeast infection are 75% higher compared to the rest of the population. The message from #inthefertility: be careful. Protect your fertility and your vagina. Your reproductive health is the centre of your wellbeing.

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