Wanting a child? On fertility grounds you are stuck between two extremes

Wanting a child? On fertility grounds you are stuck between two extremes

Wanting a child? On fertility grounds you are stuck between two extremes

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Everywhere we turn our heads we see that “the patient is the centre of care”. Especially in the pharmaceutical industry and fertility. “We care for you”, “leader in women’s health”, vaccination, reproductive health, etc. For the last couple of years this message makes us in the in-fertility network more allergic than peanuts as in most cases it is not true.

What is it and why it’s the guys who control the legislation who cause the most harm?

First let us remind you that it is perfectly ok to advertise products with the least effect, such as vitamins and supplements so people desperately wanting to get pregnant spend millions of Euros for hundreds of variations of “Fertile Woman One Daily”, “Wise Ova” or “Fertility Kit”, despite the disclaimer saying: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. However, it is not ok and against the law to publicly discuss medication which impacts your ovulation, cycle, myomas, cysts, cancer, PCOS, anything…

Why? Officially for the very simple reason that you do not have the medical education to understand their effect. True? False? In most cases very false for at least five reasons.

No. 1 The medication we are (not) talking about is not taught at schools. These are newly developed products each couple of years and explained to medical public on seminars or lectures, most people with secondary education would understand. Know that, been there and do not even need the seaside and a five star hotel to accompany the lecture.

No. 2 Sure, body functions and your medical situation are a different thing, the doctor is necessary, but after all, it is your body, not theirs, so experts should be able (in-fertility goes much further and requires it) to explain it to you too and it does not have to be in the doctor’s room, does it?. Apart from this, the medication is not to be bought over the counter, it is prescribed by the doctor, so what is the deal about keeping the information away from you? The situation gets worse as in case the congress is for doctors, it is impossible by law you visit. Impossible for you to see and learn about the things you are going to buy. We mean to pay for.

No. 3 They could harm you. Sure, as could anything inappropriate. First I cannot buy it, so how can I harm myself? By reading? By knowing? By asking better and more educated questions? By not being stupid? Who profits from uneducated patient if there are studies proving that an educated patient is the one who gets over medical issues faster and better?

No. 4 You better kill yourself by the car. Sure you can. Buy a Mercedes which accelerates from 0 to 140 miles in a couple of seconds and drive it the week you get your driving licence. On a perfect rainy day. This does not prevent the advertising of speedy cars, does it? So why in so many countries we can’t we access information about medication? Use disclaimers, pictures of bursted ovaries as it is allowed for cigarettes that kill if you want, but mainly, let the patient (we don’t like this word at all as the fact that a women might need vaccination or is older than 35 does not make her sick, does it?) have the information on what is, what could and what should be happening in her/his body.

No. 5 You wanna get pregnant? You are stuck between two extremes because the desirable middle is forbidden. Ads and information about vitamins and supplements are allowed. So allowed that you can access millions of articles on Vitamins A, B, C, Omega and surely, not forgetting the folic acid. in-fertility finds it particularly stunning, when we find them on the websites of IVF clinics. They advice you to eat it all, from broccoli to garlic, milk, nuts, fish… simply everything as long as you come to their clinic. So there is almost no legal information on medication making your body tick in the way it increases your chances of getting pregnant, but there is plenty of advertising of IVF.

Undoubtedly a very progressive medical discovery, however, possibly the most complicated, demanding, invasive, expensive and risky of them all. With a surprisingly low success rate, as you probably would not like a doctor, who only heals about one-third of his/her patients, would you? But the IVF clinics are allowed to advertise, publish pictures of babies in mother’s arms making you almost stupid if you hesitate or resist. There are thousands of websites, leaflets, posters, movies, podcasts, adds in magazines and online. In fact, there are magazines on IVF clinics only, did you know? However, there is no IVF without the medication. Medication, the side effects of which range from nausea and vomiting, severe stomach pains and swelling, shortness of breath and faintness to your ovaries swollen so much that is life-threatening (Source: HFEA). Not mentioning the birth defects, ectopic pregnancies, multiple pregnancies, which might require “reduction” or end with babies born prematurely with a below-normal birth weight or the risk of death before birth, or within the first week of life (Source: HFEA).

To conclude: no, this article is by no means against IVF or assisted reproduction technologies. It is against immoral and harmful legislation, which puts the women wanting a child between the two extremes, unable to do informed choices as they are not informed. Just try to google fertility and see for yourself. And all this, knowing full well the demographic trends in all developed countries are desperately bad. Please, help in-fertility to change this situation. Support our proposal for an International Fertility Day with all the information everybody considering to have a child deserves.

How to support us: If you agree the situation needs change and cannot get involved yourself, simply like our fb page and share this article. In case you think you have some time and are involved with the topic, send an e-mail to info@fertility.eu with the subject Join and we will provide more information. Thank you.

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