Loss of embryos, loss of life

Loss of embryos, loss of life

Loss of embryos, loss of life

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Experts, media, but even parents often discuss embryos from the medical, technical or biological point of view. How precious that tiny little life is became obvious after the recent storms across South Australia. The loss of power in the Adelaide fertility clinics compromised its incubators and the unthinkable became the reality. It affected the embryos in such a way that despite every effort of the scientists, the embryos were no longer viable.

Flinders Fertility has offered condolences to about a dozen of families who were affected by the power outage and received the distressing news. in-fertiity is especially touched by the way the parents described their loss. “The embryos represent life, love. Everything. You put your whole life into it. Wanting it. So that’s just your little miracle sitting there. Some people think it’s just frozen in a test tube. It’s not. It’s love, it’s life. Unless you have been through it you can’t understand it.”

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